What is a 21st century education?

A 21st century education is one sculpted about the environment in which the student(s) learn ā€“ mentally and personally. It considers all factors impacting how the student retains information, from the homework they do or do not complete, to the condition of the room in which they sleep at night. All too often, students succumb to poverty and other problems of the modern urban household and fail to take hold of the opportunity schools lay before them. However, it is not legislation or the restructuring of classrooms that changes the way students value learning, it is the three Cā€™s of education reform ā€“ community, communication, and collaboration.

Students need to be viewed as a community, and not seen in light of each of their educational circumstances. Their needs to be a fluent communication between schools and the wider community in order to fully ensure an education that suits the environments of particular societies. And finally, students, teachers, and state officials need to exercise collaboration to make sure that all parties are satisfied ā€“ from the ground up.